Welcome to the exciting world of ballooning!

We invite you to take a 60 minute balloon tour of Ryazan and its surroundings.

The program includes the following:

meeting by the “Lovech” hotel in Ryazan at the agreed time;
wind velocity and direction check;
taking a car ride to the needed starting point;
the journey up the Ryazan sky.

The Ryazan balloon trip is so unique because it usually starts in such Ryazan recreation areas as: Lake Orehovoe, Lukovski forest, Ryazan Kremlin lowland, the Pavlovka river floodplain and even the city park.

The unique flight route is sure to provide an opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of Ryazan in 3D and observe its architecture from a moving point above.

The maximum flying height above the city is 50 meters, so you would also like talking from the balloon basket to people, living in the city, children, playing outside and teenagers hanging around Ryazan. Then you would slip away from the noisy city to admire Ryazan region nature with its picturesque meadows and forests, rivers and lakes!

Ballooning can be a perfect present!

We can help you surprise your friends and colleagues with balloon rides anchored to a certain place by your corporate celebration place! The magic balloon glow in the dark would make your guests remember the event forever!

Get out of your comfort zone, do something different, exciting and safe! Ride a hot air balloon!

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